Belgian Lead Youth Championship 2019 Paraclimbing, 23-03-2019 00:00, L'escale, Arlon

Discipline: Lead
Status: Officieel eindresultaat

NOTE: DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR FEDERATION AFFILIATION CARD OR PROOF OF PAYMENT! if you are not affiliated, you can not participate in the national competitions.


8:30-9:30 registration
9:15 briefing + demonstration Q1 routes
10:00 start Q1 round
12:30* start Q2 routes after demonstration Q2 routes
Each round starts with the paraclimber(s)
15:45 closing isolation (provisional)
16:00 observation finals (provisional)
16:15 start finals (provisional)
18:00 podium

*Start Q2 = provisional (demo Q2 can start later but not earlier than
Youth D: toprope/moulinette
Youth C, B, A and Junior: voorklimmen/en tĂȘte

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Coaches info:

Jury President : Lieven Vlassenroot
Chief Route setter: Cyril Lapka
Assistent Route setter: Eric Berthe

Aantal deelnemers: 1

Naam Rugnummer Team
Tristan Stenuit

Ronde: Qualification - Routes: Aantal deelnemers: 1

# Naam Rugnummer Team
1 Tristan Stenuit
# Naam Rugnummer Team
1 Tristan Stenuit
02-05-2019 07:40
# Naam Rugnummer 1 2 1 Comp. Punten Team
1 Tristan Stenuit Top Top 30 100.0

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