National Open - Veterans , Sat, 12 Oct 2024 10:00:00 +0200, BeBloc - Jambes, Namur

Discipline: Boulder
Status: Planned

Description: ADDRESS

148, rue de GĂ©ronsart
5100 Namur (Jambes)


Qualifs: 30 Boulders flash, no zone.
Min 5 participants per gender
Veterans Male: Boulders Numbers from 
Veterans Female: Boulders Numbers from 
Flash - No zone
Finals for the 6 best: FLASH 4 Boulders, 5 Minutes, rotation, 

For the qualifications (format 30 boulders) each participant will download the WAS application to manually insert his / her results 
For the finals, official format and rules with official judges

All trainers must register on line (free of charge) on the page     Accompagnateurs / Begeleiders

Coaches info


13:30-14:00: Registrations Veterans 
14:30: Start Qualifications Veterans
17:30: End Qualifications Veterans
20:00: Finals Veterans followed by results and podiums 


Jury President: 

Route Setters
BeBloc Setters
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