Belgian Lead Cup 2 + Gripped CANCELLED, Sat, 25 Apr 2020 10:00:00 +0200, Stordeur, Leuven

Discipline: Lead
League: Belgian Lead Cup 2020
Status: Registration closed

GRIPPED is back!

What to expect? An experimental format which aims at a professional level competition standard and high accessibility for any recreational climber. Everyone (pro climbers AND local heroes) climbs jointly in one qualification round, and the Belgian bests go through to compete in the finals.

Find the competition guidelines via  <add link>


  • Pre-subscriptions are necessary in order to get a time slot for the 2 hardest qualification routes, which are your access to the finals

  • Pre-subscriptions close on Wednesday the 22nd of April at 12:00

  • Late subscribers are very welcome. However, the only free time slot for the 2 hardest qualification routes is between 12:00 and 14:00

  • Subscriptions are done by:

  1. Setting up an account on the CMBEL/WAS via

  2. Subscribing to this competition via

  • Subscription fee = 15 euro. Payments are at the entrance desk

  • Every competitor will get a numbering tag, to be placed clearly on his/her t-shirt

Number of competitors: 9

Name Bib number Nat. Team Reg#
Charlotte Strzeminski BEL Klimclub Hungaria
Perrine Bieux BEL Escal'Pades
Héloïse Doumont BEL
Morgane Daele BEL
Claudine Delsaux BEL CAB Liège /Gecko
Celine Cuypers BEL BVKB - Klimax
Charlotte Eben GER
Anak Verhoeven BEL BVKB - Klimax
Madeline Montignie BEL Maniak Competition Team
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Number of competitors: 17

Name Bib number Nat. Team Reg#
Alexis Guérin BEL
Lionel Bauduin BEL
Aiko Herbos BEL BVKB - Klimax
Tillo Legley BEL Blueberry Club
Arno Luypaert BEL Vertical Thinking
Jasper van Malderen BEL BVKB - Klimax
Mats Vancraeynest BEL BVKB - Klimax
Gabriel Olivares Quintanilla BEL New Rock / EEA
Loic Debry BEL
Michaël Timmermans BEL Stone Climbing Factory
François Mertens BEL Entre Ciel et Terre
Lukas Geukens BEL
Mathijs van Gorp BEL BVKB - Klimax
Thibo Bourgeois BEL Stone Climbing Factory
Harold Peeters BEL
Brecht Wittoek BEL Klimclub Hungaria
Tim Ponsen NED Team Mountain Network
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Youth A Female

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Junior Male

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Youth A Male

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