Open Youth - Categories C&D (U14&U12)., 11-12-2022 09:00, Loverval

Discipline: Boulder
Competitie: Belgian Boulder Cup 2022
Status: Inschrijving gesloten


  • FUN format
  • No final
  • 24 to 30 boulders for all youth. 


!! Due to the size of the gym, no public is allowed.
A team trainer / coach must accompany their club youths

Each club must provide one person to judge the fun format :
- 1 climber : One trainer
- 2 to 4 climbers : One trainer AND one person to judge
- 4 to 8 climbers : One or 2 trainers AND 2 persons to  judge

All trainers / adult judge must register on line (free of charge) on the page      Accompagnateurs / Begeleiders 
And mention the club and whether she/he will be trainer or Judge.

Maximum 60 registrations in total. 
If your age group is closed because there are already 15 registrations, send a mail to We will register you if the maximum of 60 participants is not reached. 

Due to the fact there is no younger category, U12 category is also opened to younger climbers ! So if you are 8 or 9, you can register to the U12 (D category)


For U12 and U14 Male and Female

Previously C and D's

9:00am: Registrations
9:45: Briefing by JP
10:00: Start competition
1:00pm: End competition
2:00pm: Results, podiums


Loverval ADEPS center

12, Allée des Sports, Gerpinnes

Maximum aantal deelnemers: 17

Aantal deelnemers: 17

Naam Rugnummer Nat. Team
Anaïs Ghislain BEL Maniak Competition Team
Anon5775 - - -
Janelle Bonneu BEL CAB Liège /Gecko
Daphné Dubois FRA D-Summit Dudelange
Mirthe Nuijens BEL Olympia
Lola Slavazza LUX Escal'Pades
Julie Dries BEL Olympia
Chloe Degosserie BEL Entre Ciel et Terre
Antoinette Loix BEL Entre Ciel et Terre
Anon6086 - - -
Maurane De Waele BEL Blueberry Club
Anon6142 - - -
Alyana Van Hoeydonck BEL BVKB - Klimax
Yunghsin Li TPE BVKB - Klimax
Lisi Groenwals BEL BVKB - Klimax
Sarah Bizoux BEL Entre Ciel et Terre
Gloria De Montjoye BEL Entre Ciel et Terre
Er is nog geen startlijst beschikbaar
Er is nog geen tussenstand beschikbaar

Youth D Female : De wedstrijdresultaten zijn niet openbaar.

Maximum aantal deelnemers: 20

Aantal deelnemers: 20

Naam Rugnummer Nat. Team
Mathias Tychon BEL Escal'Pades
Finn Wuestenbergs BEL Blueberry Club
Brecht D'Haeseleer BEL Bleau Climbing Team
Daan Roggen BEL Olympia
Richard Coessens BEL Klimclub Hungaria
Célestin Coppieters BEL Stone Climbing Factory
Jan Miljoen BEL BVKB - Klimax
Arnout Vermeeren BEL BVKB - Klimax
Jonathan Daele BEL New Rock / EEA
Lukas Breels BEL Entre Ciel et Terre
Victor Devos BEL Top Rock - l’Elephant
Thibo Delbroek BEL Crux Climbing Team
Wolf Van Avermaet BEL Kajoe
Marius Lejeune BEL Escal'Pades
Tom Bonsen NED TOC Limburg
Arsenii Rybchyk UKR Alpamayo klim club vzw
Anon7259 - - -
Oscar Fransolet BEL Top Rock - l’Elephant
Tristan Marcelis BEL Escal'Pades
Robin Marcelis BEL Escal'Pades
Er is nog geen startlijst beschikbaar
Er is nog geen tussenstand beschikbaar

Youth D Male : De wedstrijdresultaten zijn niet openbaar.